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Real Estate Agents commonly define themselves as either “Listing Agents” (specializing in selling homes) or as “Buyer’s Agents” (helping people in their search to buy a new home). While I would be more than happy to help you find your dream residence or investment property, and have years of experience doing so, my specialization is in listing and selling homes.


If you are like most homeowners who want to or need to sell their home, it’s likely that you have these common goals:

  1. Maximize the final price you receive for your property

  2. Sell your property quickly

  3. Minimize the contingencies that might derail your escrow

  4. Proactively move the escrow to a conclusion and a successful close

  5. Do all of the above with as little pain and inconvenience as possible


As your agent, your goals become my goals. I work for you. Your satisfaction in the entire process is the driving force in our relationship. In a purely practical regard, my financial reward is tied directly to yours.

Over the years it has become clear to me that the top seller’s agents achieved their status by being excellent negotiators. To that end, I am constantly honing my skills negotiating. As a result, I am happy to say that I am currently ranked in the top 2% of real estate agents, nationally.

Property Valuation


When we start our working relationship, we will work together on a strategy to maximize the ultimate price you get for the home. Depending on market conditions and the neighborhood, we might go high to test trending increases, go low to create a bidding war, or aim for the best estimate of the current value to generate the highest volume of serious buyers. I will give you my recommendations, but you make the ultimate call.

Time on the Market


There is no way to know exactly how long it will take to sell your home, but we will review the average days on market in your neighborhood and compare 

the selling price to list price ratios. In slower markets, you might get low-ball bids, and we will carefully review each one together to consider the wisest way forward. In hot markets, where there are many more options, we will create a strategy to make sure you are on the market long enough to be exposed to the most buyers, but not become stale and devalue the “newness” factor.



Almost every buyer wants to build in contingencies to their contract/purchase agreement, which allows them to back out of the deal under certain circumstances. Part of the negotiation is to reduce and eliminate as many of those contingencies as possible.



Once you have a fully executed contract, you enter into escrow. It is no secret that many deals fall out of escrow for all sorts of reasons. Once again, negotiating skills are required to handle issues as they arise.  Inspectors sometimes discover surprise issues with the property. What is the best way to minimize your expense and liability, and keep the escrow moving to close? Possibly, the bank’s appraisal comes in low. How do we rethink the methods for still making the deal work? Part of my job is to be realistic and recommend terminating escrow when that decision may be in your best interest. Sometimes in escrow, the buyer or a third party service provider drags their feet. Once again, it will be part of my responsibility to light a fire under the slowpoke to move the process along the agreed upon the path.



Selling a home is a very big deal. There can be and often is an emotional component to the process, in addition to the financial. This can result in stress and we all know where stress can lead. After doing hundreds of deals, I have amassed considerable experience at reducing stress for all involved. While I can’t guarantee you won’t feel some anxiety along the way, the testimonials of my prior customers should help you feel some comfort that the process will be as painless as possible.


My Network


One of the reasons the process is so smooth for my clients is that I have built a network of real estate professionals around me. I have selected each based on their proven reliability and appropriate cost. Plumbers, electricians, lawyers, mortgage brokers, contractors and more are quick to respond when I call. Having this network of pro’s means that we can meet almost any issue that comes up during escrow quickly and efficiently.


Marketing Your Home


The more exposure your home gets, in conjunction with an appropriate list price, the more bidders you are going to attract. More bidders generally mean the price goes up, and the quality of the bidders, too.

When you engage me to help you sell your home, you are tapping into a massive resource of information, knowledge, and experience. 

You can be assured that no other agent or agency can provide you with greater resources in marketing your home. We will use all available methods to expose your home to as many potential buyers as possible.

Once we meet and discuss your goals and hope for the property, I will provide you with a checklist detailing the steps I will take to maximize the effort on your behalf. You can hold me accountable to that checklist.



Call me now at (310) 962-6942 to set up a meeting at your home.

We will act quickly to get your home listed and sold.